Jariden Dren

Your not quite sure what he is. He has this unusually long scar on his left arm and he seems to keep you out of trouble.


You find out that Garon the Dark Yaruth Lord is a foe of Jariden Dren. They don’t back down from one another and yet you sense a mutual respect between them as to what they might do to each other of placed inside of a cage.

Jariden is growing weary of Garon’s lack of tact. You can see at times Jariden’s nostrils flair and that look in his eye that would splay and gut Garon, if he were to let loose of his temper. Yet Jariden does operate with a certain degree of reserve, not acting on impulse but through deliberate actions.


Jariden Dren is some sort of hero from a royal human blood line. He has acted as a ranger, a warrior and a mage. So you are not quite sure what he is. He drinks pretty heartily and seems not to be afraid of much.

He has a tendency to show up at the moments of crisis to equilibrate an otherwise deadly situation.

He has this long scar on his arm, aparently earned while crossing through the alley way of a taxidermist shop of Taxi Le’Dermes, a Vecna priest of some sort.

Jariden Dren is reknnown in most parts and is well liked. It would not be wise to try to take him.

Jariden Dren

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