Tymoras Quest

Captured by the Wee Red People

Well at Big Dog Comics/Thunderdom, we had a full table again.

The group was at the top of the ruins, when the Red Yaruth swarmed and attacked them. Down to only a single Rogue, the Red Yaruth were demanding surrender, when a glimmer of hope spawned in the distance.

Their colleagues that had gone into town to get treasure identified by a local magus, were returning and could be seen on the road.

As the rangers were coming up the slope they noticed a glint of light. Later to find that a heavy patrol of goblin sharpshooters dressed as red yaruth were descending upon the ruins.

The party made haste and prepped for the worse. They almost had the goblins fooled, but the party soon knew it was time to pack it up and hi-tail it back to town. The archers within the group laid down retreating fire in their hasty retreat.

In the thick of it all, the Red Yaruth managed to drag John the dragonborn down below the ruins while he was laying unconscious on the altar from the earlier melee that had transpired with the Red Yaruth. Peaches, when she realized the big guy wasn’t around, went to look for her colleague. She drop below and began to look when she was ambushed and followed the same fate as John. Kiara, managed to slip below the ruins and watched the goblins file as they grumbled about their meager attempt to capture the party.

Kiara, became fully aware of the grotesque things they were performing below the altar within the ruins. She knew how important it was to get back and inform the party.

Kiara, slipped back to the surface and was ambushed along the road, narrowly escaping she made it back to town. Reporting her findings to the group.

The party is making arrangements and will be returning to the ruins to again take on the Red Yaruth and their allies the goblins.

We will be on again at the Big Dog Comics/Thunderdome in Ft Pierce, Florida, Thursday night at 8 pm. Be there to play or be there to watch the fun.

Wayne Roznak GM/DCI Core Organizer

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